Our Man Throws Down Against Dr. John


I used to work at Chile Pepper magazine, and at a magazine event I entered a chile eating contest. I was completely sure I’d win. I can pop chiles much better than pretty much anyone I know, so there I was in Texas, positive I’d be victorious over the pickled jalapeños. And….my hubris turned out to be unrelated to reality. It was all those dudes next to me coughing and choking up bits of pepper that put me off my game! Rematch!

Anyway! Our Man is sets himself a similar challenge in Bay Ridge this week. He and his friend, musician Dr. John, headed out to Grand Sichuan House to see who could down the most dried red chiles, fresh green chiles and Sichuan peppercorns, all of which would be doused in chile oil. Who won? Click the clickity to find out.