Mob Life 101: How to Shake Down a Pizza Parlor


Some choice wiseguy quotes emerged from yesterday’s big Mafia racketeering case brought by Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Benton Campbell against a dozen members and fellow-travelers of the Colombo crime family.

For instance, according to a government memo filed with the court to keep several of defendants behind bars, here’s alleged Colombo capo Michael Catapano discussing how he got the attention of one of two brothers who owned a Long Island pizzeria Catapano coveted:

“I had abused him one day in the fuckin’ parking lot.”

The other brother also ran a hair salon and Catapano dropped by there as well, while the owner was doing an older woman’s hair:

“When he seen me walk in he got so nervous. . . Once I showed up in there then they fucking signed the papers. It was all over. I says, well listen, if you don’t want me to come back, you better have your brother . . . I said, won’t come back unless you can do what gotta ask you to do. Otherwise, I gotta come back.”

Catapano is alleged to have been a bi-coastal businessman, and prosecutors say he also saw investment opportunities in a spa in West Hollywood, California. Catapano was caught on tape discussing his sales pitch to the spa’s owner with another associate:

“[E]ven after we get fifty percent of the place and our money, give him a fucking beating anyway.”

The government declined to name the cooperating witness who wore the wire that recorded these gems but his identify is old news to those who keep up with mob sleuth Jerry Capeci’s You can read all about Gaetano (Guy) Fatato, the former proprietor of a trendy nightclub in Huntington, Long Island at Capeci’s site.