NY Best Markets: Jubilat Provisions


The Brooklyn neighborhood now dubbed “South Slope” by realtors was once a Polish and Eastern European enclave. Jubilat Provisions has been around for almost 20 years; it’s a tiny Polish market stocked with all sorts of pickles, beets in many incarnations, and tons of homemade smoked meats.

Best Buys:

The most compelling reason to stop by Jubilat is to stock up on those smoky hunks of pig: Bacon, ham, kielbasa, loin, and more, all of it home-smoked in Jubilat’s back room.

In the freezer, you’ll find frozen containers of homemade stew. There’s a rich, meaty tripe stew and a sauerkraut version. $2.99-4.99

Excellent pierogies, stuffed with potato-cheese or mushroom-sauerkraut, are in the refrigerated section. Just warm some oil in a pan and fry those suckers up. Family Brand $2.99

And, imported from Poland, there’s pickled herring fillets with red peppers: Eat them on dark bread with a slice of cucumber and a shot of vodka (pick up your Polish vodka across the street at Adam’s Liquors, owned by a Polish couple). Lowell Brand $2.99

608 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 768-9676