The First Runnin’ Scared Column


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December 3, 1958, Vol. IV, No. 6

Runnin’ Scared

An occasional column on the nature of the political scene.

Youth, women, liberals, eggheads, some of whom seem to be a combination of all four, are a core of dissatisfaction for the politicians. The women get a better deal in the Republican Party than in the Democratic, but you won’t find many younger women in either. As for liberals and eggheads in New York City, it’s really a toss-up between the Republican and Democratic organizations. It wasn’t always that way.

THE BIG THAW. There has been a notable thaw in the bi-partisan freeze-out of insurgents since the November election results came in. The Republican situation for the out-group looks, if anything, more promising than the Democratic–and the switch-over may come without anyone realizing it happened. GOPster John Lindsay warmed the atmosphere of his party by several degrees when he tripped organization-man Pete Goodwin in the Republican primary, and went on to defeat Tony Akers. It is expected that he will attempt to consolidate the beachhead in the devitalized city GOP by working with John Roosevelt’s Metropolitan Club and State Senator MacNeil Mitchell…

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