The Slobby Mob: The Colombo Family Crime Bust


Organized crime sweeps tend to be covered in the same predictable way: you get a rundown of who got nabbed, where it happened and for what charges. Add in a dash of John “Snazzy Nickname” Doe and the reason for such a special moniker and you have a mob story. A picture of the perp walk is always helpful as well The Daily News today decided to switch up the formula by providing a fashion critique of alleged mob boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli, who was arrested yesterday in conjunction with three murders.

The print version of the story bears the headline “MOBSTER SLOBSTER” and shows Gioeli decked out in shorts, an oversized white T-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. It’s not as bad as what terror suspect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was wearing when he was picked up, but the News does declare it a “crime against fashion,” and surmises that:

“John Gotti must have been spinning in his crypt out at St. John’s Cemetery.

“Granted, it’s been a while since any goodfella cut a figure like the Dapper Don, but Gioeli couldn’t even muster a matching jogging suit.

“Vincent (The Chin) Gigante’s bathrobe would have been more elegant that this getup.”

The specific information about Gioeli’s indictment doesn’t appear until the 11th paragraph of the story, and nine of those paragraphs are dedicated to Gioeli’s sartorial preferences.

The Post’s coverage of the story concentrates less on fashion and more on the actual crimes. There is a mention of what Gioeli was wearing, but it’s not the crux of the story. The Post even includes pictures of some of the other 11 people busted in conjunction with the raid.