iVoice: Kanye West “Flashing Lights” Video Chat


**OnlineHost** Welcome to Video Shoot Chat!

woman: /gets out of car, walks a few paces, strips down to underwear, starts fire with lighter fluid and a Zippo

/walks back, opens trunk

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: mmmf

woman: Why did I just light a fire?

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: /rips off tape from mouth

Um. Because if you didn’t, your body wouldn’t be visible.

woman: But the video’s only camera switch occurs at the exact moment I turn around, and the fire’s behind me. How would that make me show up better?



all right we’ll fix that in post

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: Now grab that shovel. I’ll flip the hatch and slide into the back seat, and then you act like you’re bludgeoning me to death.

woman: I don’t understand this either. What’s my character’s motivation here?

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: Fair enough. Here’s the conceit.

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: This video will serve as an epilogue and companion piece for another video featuring this same song.

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: It was an aesthetically neat but otherwise banal video. You’re mad because it was terrible.

woman: So? Does my character just roam the countryside and murder people who make crap-ass music videos?

woman: Is there another companion piece? Do I get to garrote McG with a jump rope?

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: Well, the video is too ambiguous to communicate a singular message, so viewers will be left to glean their own interpretations.

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: Most disturbingly, it would be easy for one to interpret it as a vindictive lecture that portrays rape as a consequence.


**OnlineHost** The woman is bludgeoning Kanye West with a shovel.

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: OW OW FUCK WAIT FUCK

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: /manages to open trunk escape, crawls into back seat bruised and bloodied

SargeantYorkeofKarmaPolice: oh hey it’s this fuckin’ guy again!

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: What are you doing in here?

SargeantYorkeofKarmaPolice: oh you know, we’re just hanging out, chasing after this fat dude real slow

SargeantYorkeofKarmaPolice: we started leaking petrol a ways back but fuck it, you know

KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: /turns around, looks through back window

**OnlineHost** The fire has spread to a trail of fuel left by the car.


aw graham crackers


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