M.I.A. Live at McCarren Park Pool


Bonnaroo, Sonar by Night, Hovefestival, Roskilde, Arvika, Heineken Opener, Montreux Jazz, Exit, Splash, Summercase, Latitude—is it uncharitable to point out that the endpoint of M.I.A.’s world-town hustle and demographic three-card monte seems to be one outdoor festival show after another, providing the soundtrack to dodgeball games and mud-themed nudity in nearly every major city on the planet? Last year, the artist made the most radical record of her career with Kala; this year, Rihanna’s already incorporated “Paper Planes” into a mid-set medley, and M.I.A.’s doing “Hussel” for the dudes with the three-day all-access passes. It hardly seems fair that our generation’s most politically astute artist has already been relegated to the sunburn circuit—or am I just a naïve hater? Find out tonight, I guess. With Holy Fuck.

Fri., June 6, Doors 5 p.m., McCarren. The show is technically sold out, but some incredible douchebags are selling tickets for $150 on Craig’s List.

Robert Christgau on M.I.A.