What’s for Dinner?


Today, I’m launching a series called “What’s for Dinner?” I’ll stop and talk to random New Yorkers on the street about their best and worst food memories, where they like to eat in New York, and what’s for dinner that night.

Who: Shannon Rhinehardt
Age: 68
Occupation: Retired
Where: Waiting for the bus in Astor Place

What’s your best food memory?

For the last five years, I’ve been traveling in Italy. And you know, they don’t use a whole lot of sauce on their cuisine. It’s just the ingredients and the seasoning. They can walk out and get olives, pick basil and use what they have to mix something up. One of the best things was the salad they make with day-old bread. A lot of the time, you’d prepare something for which you already have the ingredients around. Maybe you have some tomatoes that aren’t perfect, but they’ll suffice, you have the bread from yesterday…that’s the best.

And what’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?

An in-house catered meal at a reception at my church. It was cold.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in New York?

No, because at this time there are too many! But I’m in the East Village, and I recently discovered this tiny restaurant called 25-something, it’s on Avenue B between 10th and 11th. I don’t know what you call this kind of cooking, but it serves steaks and chops, and there’s usually a special. People want more for their money these days, not a tiny, beautiful creation.

What’s for dinner tonight?

I’m going Caribbean on you! I’ve got some salted fish, called bacalao, and I’m turning it into a big salad with red onions and peppers, okra, green peas and diced potatoes. Once you get the salt out of the fish, you stir fry it in olive oil until the fish becomes almost like angel hair. You sauté all the ingredients separately, then you incorporate them. You could use any leftovers you have. I love those vegetables with the fish.

That sounds amazing! I wish I was having dinner at your house!

God has spared me to enjoy these things, and hopefully I will continue to enjoy them.