Anne Hathaway’s Beau and the Miracle Window Washer: Some Exclusives in the Post


While the Daily News touts exclusive photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre frolicking on the Jersey Shore, the Post has a few exclusives of its own that may be of interest.

First up is the report that Raffaelo Follieri, the 29-year-old Italian businessman best known as the boyfriend of Get Smart star Anne Hathaway, must turn over the financial records of his children’s charity to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office. The Attorney General’s office would not tell the Post why the Follieri Foundation is under investigation, but records show that the charity had not yet filed a “990” form, which is a tax-disclosure form the IRS requires of nonprofits.

This would be yet another boring financial story if not for the presence of film star Hathaway, who also had once sat on the Follieri Foundation’s board of directors. The headlines for the story all concentrate on Follieri indirectly. He is “Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend.” The front page scream’s “STAR’S DEVIL” in a nod to Hathaway’s role in The Devil Wears Prada, while the headline on page five reads, “HATHAWAY’S BEAU ‘CAUSE’ FOR ALARM.” Follieri is not pictured on page one, but is shown on page five with Hathaway. Despite being the center of the investigation, he’s second fiddle.

This is not Follieri’s first brush with the law. Two months ago he was arrested for writing a $215,000 check against an account that only had $39 in it. The charges were dropped after he paid up.

In happier news, the Post has an exclusive photo of the miracle window washer who fell 47 stories in December and survived. What is Alcides Moreno doing in the picture? He’s walking his dog! The fact that the man even survived the fall is incredible, but it’s even crazier that he’s walking only 6 months later. Moreno’s recovery is bittersweet, however, as his brother Edgar was also on the scaffold and did not survive.