Donna Summer Works Hard For The Money–and For The Comps Too


Last week, ’70s legend Donna Summer gave a mini concert at Mansion to promote her new CD, Crayons, serving up a nice mix of oldies and newies, all in such great voice we momentarily forgot she’s a granny who’s no longer the sylphlike queen of Studio 54. Her set consisted of:

“MacArthur Park.” As insane a song as ever, but she totally rocked out on it.

“I’m a Fire.” A number from the new CD. Not a classic. Not a fire. But by now Donna was already crying at the audience response to her sheer survival. She said Crayons has launched her on a whole new career: “I didn’t know I’d have to work so hard, but I’m glad I do!”

“Bad Girls”/”Hot Stuff.” Two sick disco treasures. She belted and vamped the shit out of these.

Another song from the new CD. Not a classic.

A few bars of “Smile,” her favorite slow song. Lovely and unexpected, though Diana Ross really nails that one for me.

And finally, “The Last Dance,” the rare song that goes slow, fast, slow, and then fast again. Donna made it sound like it won’t be her last dance. I’ll have more in the column.