Me Alert! I’m On Educational TV!


Did you ever think you’d see my trash-talking carb face on Channel 13? Well, brace yourselves, kids. I will appear on Theater Talk, the wildly informative show about Broadway happenings, hosted by Susan Haskins and Michael Riedel, on that very channel! Twice! This Wednesday night (technically Thursday) morning at 1230 AM, I’m one of a batch of scribes discussing the season’s highs and lows on the show’s “Critics Cavalcade.” (I explain why Xanadu has had legs to skate on.) And Friday night (technically Saturday morning) at 1230 AM, I will turn up on a that show’s panel, along with the estimable Jesse Green and Patrick Pacheco, to discuss who will win the shiny, coveted Tony awards this Sunday. If you care about things like whether Passing Strange will beat In The Heights for best book of a musical—and Lordy, if you don’t, I worry for you—you’ll find this show even more riveting than Top Girls. Which should have gotten more nominations!

PS: Theater Talk is also available online worldwide to theater-lovers (as of June 11) at www.cuny.tv/series/theatertalk. Watch me in stereo!