Turning Up the Heat: Ashley Alexandra Dupre, The Puerto Rican Day Parade and the Heat Wave


If you live in the northeast (and chances are if you’re reading this, you do), then you know that we’re having some pretty unbearable weather this week. The Daily News puts the heat wave on the front page, with the headline “PACKING HEAT,” but the horrendous weather permeates through both tabloids, like the stench of the subway at rush hour on a day like today.

One way to beat the heat is to hit the beach, which is what Ashley Alexandra Dupre–the prostitute known as “Kristen”–did in Sea Girt, NJ yesterday. The Daily News has exclusive photos of Dupre sunning herself with her mom. We learn that after four hours of baking, the ladies went to the Parker House Pub and ordered some drinks. This story is an opportunity for the tabloid to bust out a few oldest-profession-related headlines and captions, including: “HOOKER, LINE & SINKER: NEWS NETS EL’S GAL” and “There’s no missing Dupre’s tutela valui tattoo as the happy hooker strolls along the beach yesterday.”

Another story in which the heat wave played a major role was in coverage of the 51st annual Puerto Rican Day parade. The Post placed photos and a brief write-up of the event in with a package on the heat wave that also included stories on safety concerns with the Cyclone rollercoaster and a “marijuana lollipop” bust near the parade route. The truck head reads “SOME LIKE IT HOT BUT OTHERS NOT!” The Daily News goes for the obvious yet clever use of muy caliente in its lead for parade coverage.

Other heat-related pictures include the requisite photos of kids getting hosed down on the sidewalk (shouldn’t they be playing in a fire hydrant for the full cliché?) and girls in bikinis. Expect to see more of the same as the wave drags on. Broadcast news has some advantages in covering a heat wave because you get to see the man-on-the-street reporter with beads of sweat pouring down as he or she recounts the temperature highs and lows, and it’s always a little more well-rounded to hear and see the residents kvetching about the steamy conditions. Still, we have an excuse to show babes in bikinis and to offer the service-oriented pieces that remind folks to wear light-colored, breathable clothing, drink plenty of liquids (avoiding caffeine and alcohol) and to take refuge in air conditioning whenever possible. We may break the 100-degree mark today, so be careful out there!