Anti-Energy Drink Feud


Stop the presses. Apparently, Drank is not the first drink designed to sedate—and the maker of this beverage not pleased about Drank. Steve Schneider, CEO and founder of MALAVA Beverages, wrote in to express his disapproval. Quoth Steve:

I own a company called Malava Beverages, who produce [sic] Malava Relax. Our registered trade mark is the “the Anti Energy Drink”

Malava’s website indicates that these fruit juice drinks are infused with kava, an herb which is said to induce relaxation, and which in some countries is a legal intoxicant.


Innovative beverages [Drank’s manufacturer] has already been served with cease and dissist [sic] papers in January and is in direct violation of the trademark infringement laws.

Malava will be available at New York Whole Foods in July.

So there you have it, the world’s first anti energy drink feud. I’m feeling sleepy already.