Photos: Lexie Mountain Boys and Animental at the East River Amphitheater


They don’t look like boys.

Lexie Mountain Boys
Saturday, June 7
East River Amphitheater
photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Lexie Mountain Boys don’t want to be classed as performance art, so we’ll call it ‘multimedia’. No lasers or HD cameras involved, just billowy home-fixed costumes, giant staffs bedecked in bells and ribbons, shattered cymbals, precariously hanging pies crashing inevitably towards the boys’ own painted faces, and the strangest, coarsest and most inventive vocal harmonies this side of Dirty Projectors. It feels rude to draw a contemporary comparison, seeing as both photographer/writer Nate Dorr and I agreed, we’d never seen anything like this. [Impose]

Animental are the ones above, with totem-pole heads.