Shocking Obama Rumor Down The Toilet for Good


photo by Mollye Chudacoff

As you may have heard, some Nazi-type websites had been floating the rumor that Hillary was taking so long to back out of the nomination battle because she knew there was a tape that was soon going to surface of Michelle Obama talking bodaciously with Louis Farrakhan about the horrors of “whitey.” Hill, swore the sources, knew this choice clip would sink all hopes for Obama—I guess his delegates would shoot themselves or something—and she’d somehow be rushed in as a last-minute replacement and soar all the way to the top spot by default. But the rumor didn’t pan out, proving to be just another sick little right-wing fantasy. Oh, well, at least they were right about the gerbil.

PS: On finally “suspending” her campaign, Hillary made a point of congratulating Obama on “the extraordinary race he has run.” Leave it to her to bring “race” into this one more time!