A Splendid Breeders Bootleg For You


Motherhood means mental freeze.

Once scientists get to the bottom of this dolphin mass-suicide business, I would like to commission a study on Kim Deal’s voice. What makes it so soothing, so cosmically endearing, so casually exhilarating? For those bummed to’ve missed last night’s Webster Hall Breeders hoedown comes a splendid bootleg of a show last week in Boston, lovingly provided by Bradley’s Almanac and brought to our attention by the honorable Paper Thin Walls. They sound a bit of a shambles, but this too is central to the Breeders mystique: a winsome half-assedness. The lusty roar of “YEEEEEAAAHHH!!!” some dude lets fly as “Divine Hammer” revs up is entirely justified.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on June 11, 2008

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