Carter III Discourse: Yeast Infections or Geese Erections?


A friend once proposed awarding his year-end Top 10 #1 spot not to Gnarls Barkley but to the duo’s publicist, on the grounds that—well, self-explanatory. So while I’m not sure yet if I care all that much about a certain Carter III (with the 57-listens-and-counting exception of every word Fabolous raps on “Nothin On Me”), I find myself caring an awful lot about the writing it’s inspiring. So rap nerds, go hither to this roundtable. Topics covered: White chicks or white chicks who look like aliens? Mixtapes or Everything Is A Mixtape? Obama or hip-hop Obama? Fucking police or “Fuck Tha Police”? “I Feel like Dying” or “Midnight Mile”? Yeast infections or geese erections? All will be revealed, or obfuscated, or rated by riffs, grades, and the true decider, word count.