Our Man Sietsema and the Ravioli Brassiere


This week, Our Man is thrilled by Fiore’s pastas, not the least because it reminds him of lingerie.

Reasonable prices plus those sexy pastas and a smart, affordable wine list top the reasons Our Man likes Fiore.

Lasagne Bolognese is the authentic article, a few sheets of wobbly noodle sprawled across the plate, pleasantly mired in a sauce mixing tomato, cheese, and hunks of ground meat, flamed to crustiness under the salamander. Even better are the homemade spinach-and-cheese raviolis, with a wrapper rolled so thin and delicate that it might be mistaken for lingerie.

Even better are the braised baby squid, which Our Man says are “ecstacy.”

The secondi, or main courses, do not meet with such approval, leading Our Man to suggest sticking to the antipasti, primi, and sides.