Photos: These New Puritans at Mercury Lounge


Their frontman is half-ostrich.

These New Puritans
Mercury Lounge
Tuesday, June 10

These New Puritans deserve a Crazy Talk of the Year (So Far) Award for many of the lines on their amusingly jittery Beat Pyramid: “You with the numbers on the back of your eyelids!” (“Colours”); “What’s your favorite number? What does it mean?” (“Numerology AKA Numbers”); and best of all, “Elvis, I wasn’t talking about banking!” (“Elvis”). Makes sense to somebody besides the homeless dudes on the J/M/Z and otherwise coo-coo pseudomathematics: they played a MisShapes event at Santos Party House on Saturday, then the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday, then the post-post-punk Counts held a special-people late-night party at the Mercury Lounge last night. Rebecca Smeyne went for us and fired off some flicks. Sorry we missed it, but: 12, thanks for asking!

I have no idea why this is black-and-white either.