The Obama Vice-President Committee ‘Controversy’: Has the Press Forgotten About Cheney?


The new fuss over Barry Obama‘s choice as chair of his veep-selection committee shows that the U.S. media have already dropped Dick Cheney into the memory hole.

Sure, many people want to forget the two terms of our de facto president, but even the best reporters are ignoring history.

How can anyone forget Cheney? He has run the presidency — into the ground. Using 9/11 as an excuse, he has encased us in Iraq the way various mastodons got trapped in the La Brea tar pits. He has hastened the dismantling of New Deal protections for the common folk.

Cheney achieved this by his appointment eight years ago as the chair of George W. Bush‘s veep-selection committee. Who did Cheney, the ultimate D.C. insider, pick? Himself.

Yet the banner headlines this morning, especially in the Washington Post, are that Obama’s choice of James A. Johnson as chair of his veep-selection committee is controversial because of insider status and his lucrative consulting deals.

Wasn’t Cheney the CEO of Halliburton before he was vice president? Didn’t Vice President Cheney wind up making billions for Halliburton — which continued to pay him after he moved into the White House? (See my October 2005 post “Over a Barrel.”)

This morning’s Washington Post story “Obama’s Choice of Insider Draws Fire:
Republicans Assail Head of VP Vetting”
doesn’t even mention Cheney. One sentence would have been enough to at least jog people’s memories and put this relative non-fuss over Johnson into context.

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