3-D Bugs Crawl Ahead of This Summer’s Movie Trends


I generally don’t learn that much from publicists, except for informative stuff like, “Sean Connery does not want to speak to you. And we know you didn’t request an interview with him anyway, but just in case!” But I just got a useful email from a flack that gave me a sense of something actually happening in the zeitgeist. It’s a release alerting the media that this is “the summer of 3-D movies” (Journey to the Center of the Earth opens July 11th and Fly Me to the Moon, about three cute insects headed to the lunar surface, where there’s no Raid, hits the earth on August 8th). And that’s not all! According to the release, it’s apparently also “the summer of animated space movies,” seeing as Wall-E robotically aims for your pursestrings on June 27th, Space Chimps monkeys with your affections on July 18th, Fly Me to the Moon lands here on August 8th, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars hopes to clone customers starting on August 15th.

Wait a Slurpie-devouring minute! Did I notice Fly Me to the Moon in there twice? Does it perchance represent TWO separate trends that editors might be asked to work up interest in? Yep, and since the publicist in question happens to rep that particular film, one can’t fault them for doing their job. Let’s just hope it’s also the summer of me getting free screenings or I will reinvent myself as a giant killer cockroach headed to Uranus.