Brother, Don’t Preach! Madonna’s in Trouble Deep


I’m sorry to hear that Christopher Ciccone has written a book that may be critical of his big sister, Madonna. Hollywood always protects its own and to this day shoots a shoulder pad in the face of anyone who even implies that Joan Crawford wasn’t mother of the year. They will brand the talented Chris as a sourpuss and a spoilsport rather than an iconoclast and soothsayer. What’s more, Chris’s public image was always in relation to Madonna (in addition to being her sibling, he designed for her shows and homes) and now, instead of severing that tie, this will cement that relationship forever in the public’s mind and will give his sister/oppressor even more power over him. A sweeter victory would have been for him to either personally triumph apart from her or to just attain happiness without caring anymore about her at all, as impossible as that may seem. Instead, he’s apparently done a tell-all and that’s an absolutely terrible idea! How do I order 500 copies?