Diane Gordon Gets Two-To-Six for Bribery


Diane Gordon—the Brooklyn Assemblywoman blinded by house envy—got slammed today with a prison term of two to six years for bribery.

Gordon, 57, was found guilty on April 8 after a month-long trial in which Brooklyn District Attorney’s office played hours of videotapes that showed her oohing and ahhing over architectural drawings that a developer seeking city-owned property promised to build for her—for free.

“You’re making me so excited. Oh my Lord,” Gordon, a Democrat, is heard on one tape as the developer showed her blueprints that included five bedrooms, a Jacuzzi, and a rear patio.

The developer, Raj Batheja, was actually taping the meetings for the city’s Department of Investigation which had caught him in his own scams.

The Youtube clip showcases her negotiating style: the lawmaker discusses how “if everything goes through” she won’t have to pay the $2,000 a month mortgage cost for her fantasy home.

For more on Gordon’s treachery, read the Voice‘s story from March.