MV & EE + Cryptacize at the Knitting Factory Tonight


Xiu Xiu on Pixie Stix sounds about right

Ecstatic Peace stoned ramblers MV & EE crib from all regions of the bad-tripper psychoverse—dudes-on-fire bummer metal, daisy-picking folk, brain-sucking drones—without ever doing anything truly entertaining with any of them. The real winners here are openers Cryptacize, the slept-on ex-Deerhoof avant-pop exercise that strums tenderly and strange, like Xiu Xiu on Pixie Stix. Also: psych misfits United Bible Studies, spooky balladeer Sharron Kraus, and inscrutable Belgian lo-fi noize-folker Ignatz. — CHRISTOPHER WEINGARTEN.

7 p.m., $10-$12. Knitting Factory Main Space, 74 Leonard St., 212-219-3006. Tickets still available here.