Apocalypse Now? Purse-snatchers and iPhone Robbers


It’s Friday the 13th, and the papers are full of all kinds of horrors: Gas hits $5 a gallon in the city, thugs lure you to deserted blocks with the promise of cheap iPhones and then rob you blind, and a sweet, grandmotherly Catholic school teacher gets suckerpunched on the way to school by a purse-snatcher. The respite of the weekend can’t come soon enough.

Let’s start with the purse-snatcher, an unnamed assailant who attacked 62-year-old Patricia McGowan as she made her way to school. The Daily News puts him on the front page. The “COWARD’S EVIL DEED.” was caught on camera, so there are plenty of dramatic, outrageous photos of the attack. The Post offers a blow-by-blow description of the attack with the surveillance footage. The terms “thug” and “punk” get tossed around quite liberally, and in a case like this, they’re totally warranted. Both papers tout the video surveillance footage on their websites. Points go to the Post for the lead, “Here’s one way to assure a place in hell.” McGowan suffered facial bruises and to make this even worse, the guy proceeded to steal her car while she was filing the police report. Police hope someone knows who the attacker is and will turn him in.

“Thugs” also come into play in the Post‘s front-page story about a Brooklyn gang that scammed people on Craigslist. The perps advertised discounted iPhones, lured people out to Flatbush, East Flatbush and Flatlands and robbed them at gunpoint. They were nabbed by undercover cops who posed as potential targets.

Finally, The Daily News reports that full-service supreme gas at the W. 30th St. and 11th Ave. Mobil station in Manhattan is $5.09 a gallon. Granted, that is the top-of-the-line, but regular is at $4.70 in the Bronx. It makes you want to never leave the house again, or maybe ride a bike.