National Pigeon Day and Today’s Best Headlines


Despite all the doom-and-gloom in the headlines today, there are a few gems lurking in today’s tabs that will provide some humor as you end your workweek. First up is the Post‘s front-page “Pain in the grass” U.S. Open headline, with a smirking Tiger Woods swinging a big ol’ divot. He shot 1-over yesterday.

If you need something to do this afternoon, why not head over to Central Park to celebrate National Pigeon Day? The event has managed to inspire the Post to provide my new favorite subhead: “Pigeon lovers show they give a s#!t“. I actually laughed out loud at this one. I think it’s the picture of a giant pigeon right next to the headline on page 7 that makes it. You really need to check it out in print. It’s almost as good as one of my favorite random Onion headlines, “Owls Are Assholes.”

The Daily News covers the “Open-&-Smut” case of Federal Judge Alex Kosinski, who recused himself from a porn case after a lawyer found “raunchy images” on Kozinski’s website. The jurist has asked an ethics panel to launch an investigation. The subhead reads, “Judge with kinky stuff on Web site says, ‘probe me.'”

Finally, even the governor has a bad day once in a while. The Daily News has a photo of Gov. David Paterson bowing in frustration during a press conference on the legislative priorities for the rest of the session. During the event, Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver kept bickering, to the annoyance of Paterson. During a question about wherther the two and the governor are going to expand a mental health law to include posttraumatic stress disorder, Paterson quipped, “I have it.”

Everyone’s ready for the weekend apparently.