Bonnaroo Day 1: The Food. Plus, Body Odor Begins.


Nick Anderman is covering Bonnaroo in this space through Monday. This is the part where he tells you what he ate.

photo by Mark C. Austin

Food at Bonnaroo is generally a bit overpriced, as you would expect, though there seems to be a festival-wide price cap on beer, which is $6 everywhere. Budweiser is one of many sponsors of the festival, so Budweiser and Bud Light dominate the beverage scene. Other than that, here’s a list of what I’ve eaten today:

  • fair trade, locally grown iced coffee: $6
  • blueberry muffin: $2
  • roasted chicken wrap: $10
  • crab bites w/ french fries: $12
  • slice of pizza: $5

    Saw some fantastic shows today – I’ll write those up first thing in the morning. Other than that, it’s starting to get muddy and I’m starting to smell. Huzzah Bonnaroo!

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