Bonnaroo Day 2: Drugs For Fun and Profit


photo by Mark C. Austin

No music festival worth its salt is without a serious drug scene, and Bonnaroo just might lead the pack: in the first two days of the festival I was offered a joint seven times.

Other drugs are available as well. On our way into the festival on Thursday the kids next to us had just dropped ecstasy and were beginning to feel the effects. There was buzz in the press tent yesterday about a kid who walked into a first aid station claiming that he had just taken meth, but he was apparently tripping on a bad batch of shrooms. Finally, on the long walk back to our campsite last night after the Metallica show a middle-aged dude in a tie-dyed t-shirt and a baseball cap offered us ether. “Make your night more Fear and Loathing!” he shouted at us. Coming down from the rush of a 2.5-hour metal show, we politely declined.