Bonnaroo Day 3: The Kanye Debacle


At least one of these people is pissed at Kanye West

I’ve talked to quite a few people today who are pissed at Kanye West after his performance last night. About a week before the festival began he apparently asked Bonnaroo to re-schedule his Saturday evening show for 2:45am Sunday morning so that he would have enough time to put on the fancy light show he’s been touring with lately. Festival staff complied with his wishes and sent out a hasty e-mail about it to everyone attending Bonnaroo.

So at 2:45am last night half the people here were standing in front of the massive What Stage waiting for Kanye to come on. By 3:15, they started getting antsy, and still no Kanye. By 3:45, people were pretty pissed, and still no Kanye. Finally, he rolled out his trillion-dollar show at 4am, without so much as a brief apology for the delay. The show ended after 5am, as the sun was coming up. Needless to say, lots of folks here are pissed off.

This seems to be a theme with Kanye shows. I know quite a few people who listened to his records constantly until they saw him live for the first time and promptly turned on him. I saw him for the first time a few years back and was unimpressed. When I gave him another chance last year at a show in Seattle, I was even more turned off. Not only was he late onstage, but he spent a good chunk of the show playing his album (which everyone there had already heard, of course) over the PA system and commenting on what hot shit he was. Bravado is part of rap, of course, and I appreciate that, but show some class, you know? People don’t pay good money for concert tickets to listen to an album that they could hear in the comfort of their own homes for $12.99 on iTunes. We know your junk is big, Kanye—how about you wave it in someone else’s face for a change, yeah?