Oh Snap: Ariane Daugin Talks Back to Avella


Gothamist has an interview with Ariane Daugin of D’Artagnan, the US’s biggest foie gras producer. She’s addressing City Councilmember Avella’s recent resolution in support of a NY state senate bill to ban force feeding. (Read our interview with Avella here.) She makes a few valid points, one of which is that if the bill banning foie gras production is passed, 500 upstate jobs will be lost. But here’s where things get really good:

Avella is trying to draw support for an old bill, and let’s be honest, get some attention for his mayoral campaign. Suddenly, we are all talking about him. But he is sadly misinformed-and is misleading the public.

It seems obvious, but bears mentioning: ducks aren’t built the same as humans. He keeps talking about the birds’ “mouths” being hurt by the feeding tube; he is basically anthropomorphizing. Birds have beaks, not mouths, and the tube does not hurt them. When a mother bird wants to show her love for her baby bird, she puts her beak down as far as possible into her baby’s neck (esophagus) and then pukes in it — this is how she feeds it.

The scientific facts about duck anatomy are available, so I won’t belabor the point. What I’d like to say to Avella is, “go visit a good farm and then we can talk — don’t listen to those whose agenda is to convert the world to vegetarianism; get the facts.

Like we said, oh snap.