With Disney’s latest Broadway musical not quite floundering at the box office, the Great White Way features its own Mermaid Parade nightly. But not even Disney’s imagineers could dream up some of the looks at Coney Island’s art parade. For the 25th year, scantily clad sea creatures will traipse through the beach town’s streets and mug for infinite flashbulbs, then shimmy away the night as best as one can without the complete use of legs at the Mermaid Parade Ball. King Neptune Reverend Billy and Queen Mermaid Savitri D preside over the festivities. Anyone can register to join the walk, but seriously, work a look that would make Ariel proud—or cringe. Parade: At 2, Coney Island, West 10th Street and Boardwalk,, free; Ball: Childs Restaurant Building, West 21st Street and Boardwalk, $10–$50.

Sat., June 21, 2 p.m., 2008