Bruno’s Replaced by New York Hot Dog and Coffee (From Korea)


Our Man Sietsema just wrote us to say that as he was walking down Bleeker Street this morning, he noticed a banner over the old Bruno’s pastry shop. It seems that the space will soon be New York Hot Dog and Coffee, a hot dog, smoothie and coffee franchise from Korea.

A look at the company’s website reveals a hot dog selection that is unique to say the least. The bulgogi hot dog (hot dog topped with grilled marinated beef) looks awesome, as does the curry sauced dog. The New York Red Hot Dog is a cypher, seemingly slathered with some kind of ketchupy red sauce, and likewise, I can’t figure out what the “Ave Chilij” dog might be. The cheese dog, with its thick coating of yellow goo, terrifies.

Other New York classics by way of Korea include “salad buns” which seem to be egg salad and chicken salad heros; bagels with cream cheese and (savvy!) trendy-now Belgian waffles topped with ice cream.

The coffee portion of the menu is mostly comprised of those coffee drinks that come topped with a mountain of whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Quoth Our Man Sietsema:

Weird how, in the tanking economy, countries with stronger currencies are locating in New York for the purpose of selling our own products—or strange facsimiles thereof—back to us. I can’t wait to try the hot dogs, at least, but am skeptical about the espresso.