Horsin’ Around


During the Kentucky Derby, many of us observed the unpleasant spectacle of a dead horse, though happily no one put a boot to dear, departed Eight Belles. The poor mount lying prone in Sam Shepard’s new play, Kicking a Dead Horse, at the Public Theater . . . well, he isn’t so lucky. That steed’s sudden death has left Hobart stranded in the middle of the Badlands, and Hobart isn’t taking it well: “This is not what I foresaw,” says Hobart. “Some dumb show struggling with a dead horse, mumbling to yourself in front of a gaping hole you’ve spent a solid day digging.” Stephen Rea plays the art dealer turned unsuccessful cowboy, who suffers a crisis of self. With such a serious—and seriously good—writer and actor at work on this piece, don’t expect much in the way of horseplay.

Wed., June 25, 2008