Paterson vs. Bloomberg, Day 2: The Post’s Lesson in Journalism 101


Yesterday’s exclusive in the Post where David Paterson is accused of calling Bloomberg angry and noting “you can’t trust him” continues to make headlines today. The Daily News features an editorial on the remarks that segues into criticism of the OTB deal. The paper notes:

“Yes, Paterson said, he expected someone had planted those quotes with a reporter, who had recorded them accurately, so there was no reason to call for a retraction, even though he had never said such things.

“Uh-uh. Nooooo way.

“That’s good. Because otherwise it would have been necessary to make unflattering observations about the governor, on the record. As it is, we can limit ourselves to commenting on the sorry state of OTB, along with Albany’s disgracefully haphazard way of taking action.”

The Post, meanwhile, continues to say they have quoted the governor correctly, despite his quasi-denial in which Gov. Paterson said he would not seek a retraction. Columnist Frederic U. Dicker, in his piece with the headline, “TELL THE TRUTH, GOV” gives readers a quick lesson in Journalism 101.

“At one point, he insisted, ‘Why would I demand a retraction?’

“You demand a retraction if you know a story is false, that’s why.”

Dicker continues, further in the article,

“That’s what’s known in the political game as being too cute by half: denying a story but defending the journalist who wrote it.

“It won’t work because, as noted, he knows the source of the story.”

Dicker lists just who the anonymous source may be, but you know Dicker’s not telling without permission from him or her. Among the potential blabbermouths are the governor himself, his wife and Charles O’Byrne, the governor’s chief of staff.

Bloomberg also denies a rift with Paterson, but the Post declares the mayor “full of it” on page 7, as the paper included a picture of a “BS-o-meter” to gauge both politicians’ remarks.