Preaching to the Dire


Leave it to our president to again throw religion into it.

Speaking from Paris in reaction to the flooding in Iowa, George W. Bush issued this statement:

Laura and I had the joy of worshiping here in Paris. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are suffering from the floods in our country; I know there’s a lot of people hurting right now and I hope they’re able to find some strength in knowing that there is love from a higher being.

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with any individual’s embrace of faith, but does everything with this goniff Bush, who is clearly holier than thou, have to couched in terms of religion? That’s what the religious zealots do in such hardline states as Iran, Iraq, and Israel — God gave me this land, God wants me to wipe you out, God wants me to convert you, God wants you women to be under the thumb of men.

It wouldn’t offend me if he were to even say that he would pray for the flood victims. That way, at least, he would be talking about himself and his own faith.

Naturally, it’s also galling that this spreading-the-love-like-Al-Green rhetoric comes from a president who was the hangingest governor in U.S. history, a president who fought hard against habeas corpus, who led a regime that unjustifiably invaded Iraq.

It’s bad enough to be patronized by a schlemiel — as an evangelical Christian, he’s witnessing to those of us who are still not born again by his saying this in just those words.

Will somebody please make him stop intervening with his God on our behalf? He hopes that others know that “there is love from a higher being”?

Who would have thought that Dick Cheney felt that way about us?