Who’s Pissier? Hidin’ Norton or Dissy Heigl?


We have a trend, folks. First, Katherine Heigl announced that she had withdrawn from the Emmy race because the Grey’s Anatomy writers hadn’t given her material worthy of her talent. And then reports said actor/cowriter Edward Norton pulled out of promoting The Hulk and took off on a long, faraway trip because he wasn’t enamored of the final cut. Pissy primadonnas or artists merely speaking their minds about creative injustice? Maybe a little of both. I’m all for actors taking a stand against mistreatment if they were genuinely abused, but I also sometimes wish they’d remember that doing TV or movies is a team effort and you can’t always have your way with every frame. How would Heigl react if a writer said, “We’re withdrawing from Emmy consideration because we didn’t feel her acting did our work justice”? I bet THEN she’d give an Emmy performance. But the woman is admittedly talented and is usually a soothsayer—plus she’s probably up for renegotiation. And Norton apparently WAS lied to when told he’d be consulted on the final version of the film. So HIS final version involved a trip to somewhere far away from the red carpet. Lord knows I’d like to join him there real soon.