Students Serve Teachers Laxative Cake in Brooklyn


Last Friday three seniors at Brooklyn’s School for Global Studies decided to treat their teachers to a homemade cake. The trio did not inform them that the cake was laced with Dulcolax, an over-the-counter laxative. Within an hour of eating the cake five teachers, one safety officer and one student (who was unaware of the prank and was handing out pieces around the school) began feeling ill. One teacher was taken to the hospital via EMS.

Rumors quickly spread that the school attempted to keep the matter under wraps, but some faculty (who asked to remain anonymous) tell the Voice that the police were called and a piece of the vile cake was taken as evidence contrary to reports that the principal threw it out.

Three students at the school were suspended from the school for the remainder of the year, yet will be allowed to graduate pending all of their academic requirements are met. “The matter was addressed within the school,” says Virgil Marshall, a dean and UFT rep at the school, which houses grades 6 – 12. “Part of the problem was that it might not have initially been deemed as serious as it was.”

One teacher allegedly went to the local precinct to file a criminal report against the students. No word on whether they will be charged.