The Silence of the Foster


Jodie Foster and Cynthia Mort, alleged girlfriends

According to imdb yesterday, “Hollywood actress Jodie Foster has hit out at the paparazzi after they attempted to photograph her sharing a car with a mystery woman. The Silence of the Lambs star–who split with longtime partner Cydney Bernard last month after 15 years together–threw her blue and white handbag in the face of a photographer as she tried to get into the car.

In video footage posted on website TMZ, Foster is driven off by a woman, reported to be her alleged new girlfriend, Cynthia Mort.”

First of all, the use of the word alleged is very disturbing and only seems to be dredged up when discussing gay relationships (which the press still strangely liken to criminal acts). But more upsettingly, Jodie is clearly carrying out her same old pattern of secrecy and shame, not learning anything from her past romantic breakup. Will her new love enjoy the role of being Jodie’s backdoor girlfriend, unable to proudly show her face in public as she skanks around dark alleyways desperate to not be noticed? I doubt it–but even if so, is that the kind of girlfriend YOU’D want? Allegedly not!