Word Up! I’m Going Def Next Week!


Unlike Obama‘s old pastor, I happen to like white people now and again, but I also find time to mix things up and hang with the homeys. That’s just the kind of patronizing liberal cracker I am! In fact, this week’s column details my exploits above 135th Street at a smattering of multicultural boites and hooch bars. And on June 25, I will be judging the final Gotham installment of The House of Xavier’s Ultimate Glam Slam, a spoken word competition presided over by the esteemed pier queen Emanuel Xavier and hosted by the crackling Mother Diva Xavier. (Check out

Before it moves to London, the slam will play Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery) on Wednesday June 25 from 7 to 930 PM. The categories include Best Love Poem in Red, Best Loss Poem in Blue, and Best Lust Poem in Underwear, Lingerie, Or Less. Hmm, that last one should help me avoid doing a Paula Abdul. I’ll be wide freakin’ awake for it, honey!