Hearst CEO’s Resignation is Not His Only Family Trouble


The president and CEO of the Hearst Corporation unexpectedly resigned on Wednesday citing differences with the Heart family trust over what direction to take the media company as it transitions into the digital age.

But it’s not the first time the former Hearst honcho Victor Ganzi has had family squabbles.

As Voice readers might recall, Ganzi feuded in court with his 84-year-old mother over the administration of her multi-million dollar family trust, and her decision to marry her 59-year-old former driver, Daniel Vola. Ganzi and his three siblings sued their mother contending that they had administered her trust properly (contrary to her lawyer’s claims), and that their mother’s driver married her only for the money.

Gertrude Ganzi had another explanation for the litigation. “Sometimes, I think they’re jealous,” she told the Voice.