Raquel Tells How To Be Ageless Rather Than Aging


This might be the first time there’s even been a woman in a bikini on this blog

Busty Raquel Welch‘s Las Vegas show in the ’80s was rudely dismissed by critics as “the sale of two titties.” She’s always gotten a bum rap in the press―she may not be Helen Mirren, but she does have a certain star quality, especially when doing a mime routine to “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”―and now she’s emerged as a wise and witty icon who can tell the truth about being pegged a sex symbol and how you survive that sort of thing. And that’s just what she’s doing with her Weinstein book, Secrets of Timeless Appeal, coming out next Fall for people like us. Harvey Weinstein said of the acquisition, “Raquel’s book is a perfect addition to our list. I have always been a big admirer of her brains, beauty and energy.” I just pray she’s smart enough to address her pioneering role as a trannie (Myra Breckenridge), her screen test for Valley of the Dolls, and Lauren Bacall‘s reaction when Raquel got good reviews for Woman of the Year. I’m still holding my ears!