What’s For Dinner?


The second installment of “What’s for Dinner?” a new feature in which we interview random New Yorkers about their food lives, including where they like to eat in the city, their best and worst food memories and what’s for dinner.

Name: Nassar Hasar
Age: He’d prefer not to say
Occupation: Street cart owner and cook
Location: At his cart, on Astor Place (at Lafayette) south side of the street

What’s your best food memory?

The foods I ate in Egypt: chicken gyro, falafel, baba ganoush, eggplant, fried potatoes…

Did you cook all that for yourself or did your family also cook?

No, only me, I ate that at home.

How did you learn to cook?

My brother taught me.

When did you come to the US?

In 1999.

Do you miss Egypt and Egyptian food?

Yes, everyone misses their country. I come here for the work, that’s it.

Is there anyplace in New York that serves good Egyptian food?

In Queens, around 28th Street and Astoria Boulevard, there are a lot of Arabic restaurants. I like Sabry’s.

What do you get there?

Anything, different Arabic foods, they have any fish you like. I sometimes get fish, sometimes kabobs.

What’s for dinner tonight?

Tonight? [laughs] I don’t know. Last night I had bread, salad and chicken. Pita bread, salad with tomato, lettuce, little stuff. The chicken, I make it like curry. I put black pepper, salt, vinegar and garlic.