A Morning With Modest Mouse at the Music Hall of Williamsburg


Isaac Brock making nice with a front-row photog dude, after he called front-row dude out for watching the show through his lens: “Be where you are, buddy”

Modest Mouse
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Friday, June 20 (i.e. 2:28 am)

This was really, truly excellent. More text later, aye promise. In the meantime, what my modestly mousey memory believes was the set list:

1. “Trucker’s Atlas”
2. “Breakthrough”
3. “Fire It Up”
4. “Dance Hall”
5. “Dashboard”
6. “The Whale Song” (?)
7. “Satin in a Coffin”
8. “Wild Pack Of Dogs”
9. “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes”
10. “Little Motel”
11. “Paper Thin Walls”
12. “We’ve Got Everything”
13. “The Good Times Are Killing Me”

I trust you will yell at me in the comments if the memory is mistaken.

These photos suck, I know