When Did The Gays Turn That Way? A New Documentary Finds Out


When I Knew was the Robert Trachtenberg book that asked various queers when they first realized they had a hardon for the same sex. I’m in there, of course, citing TV’s Tarzan, starring a loinclothed Ron Ely as the defining moment in my emerging diva-dom. And another contributor said the very same thing! (Ely was hawt, especially swinging on a very long vine. He’d be the toaster oven king if he’d only been given one for every new pubescent queen-in-waiting he converted.)

And now, naturally, When I Knew has become a Cinemax documentary airing this month! Without me! Directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (Eyes Of Tammy Faye, Party Monster) traveled the country asking folks when THEY first realized they were gay. Meanwhile, I traveled all the way to my computer in a fit of utter predictibility to ask Fenton and Randy when
they themselves knew. Alas, they didn’t have time to respond by my deadline, but I’m sure their answer would be. . .Ron Ely in Tarzan!” His vines had tender grapes!