How Much Longer Can Madonna Sex It Up?


A friend of mine is concerned that Madonna might be turning into the new Mae West. Bawdy sexpot Mae refused to give up her vampy allure even when it deserted her along with most of her film career. In the ’70s, when she was 85 years old and more spackled and corseted than a corpse, minxy Mae appeared in Sextette, a weird little comedy film in which she tried in vain to emit the sex appeal of a young filly. Madonna, of course, is only 50, but she’s also showing signs of refusing to abandon the hormonal appeal she’s famous for, maybe out of terror that she doesn’t have enough other stuff to back it up. She still wears revealing clothes and prances around like the misty-eyed girl who so memorably made the world her gynecologist. And she’s amazing! With a body that’s tighter than Joan Van Ark‘s face! Why shouldn’t she so vigorously promote the cause that people of all ages can be sexy? (This, of course, is coming from an older person who posed nude this year and also wrote “The Daddy Diaries.”) I say more power to her as her middle-aged legs encircle the stripper pole. But rather than sit back and watch the woman eventually become West (with body parts going south), I think we should pass a law that in 30 years she must start covering shit up. Deal?