I’m So Glad We’ve Had This Time With Carol Burnett


The legendary Carol Burnett performed in Atlantic City (at Caesars Palace’s Circus Maximus) on Saturday, so naturally I was there, between buffets and taffy jaunts. The funny lady charmingly fielded queries from the audience of reformed alcoholics (who thanked her for guidance in that area) and diehard devotees with an autograph book and a slight twitch. Carol’s cutest remembrances:

*Gloria Swanson was booked on The Carol Burnett Show after Gloria herself called and said, “Why don’t you book me?” (She was intrigued by Burnett’s funny spoof of Sunset Boulevard, which had just run).

*Lucille Ball told Carol that once the take-charge Desi was out of the picture, she had to personally learn how to be tough and demand more from her sitcom writers. When that happened, said Lucy, “that’s when they added an ‘s’ to my last name!”

And most amusingly of all,

*Carol was once shopping at Bergdorf’s and hardly thought she’d need to show ID, especially since the saleslady had already asked for her autograph. But still, the floor manager was strict and stood on policy. She said she’d approve Carol’s personal check only if the star whooped out one of her famous Tarzan yells! Burnett did so, and a security guard promptly appeared holding a gun!

Carol did one for us and we simply held out flowers. I’ll have more in the column…