Imagine a swarm of stage moms primping your hair, pinching your cheeks, and powdering your nose while handing you a baton and strapping ballet slippers on your feet (“Sheet music! Where the hell is the sheet music?!”). That’s a little bit of the frantic razzle-dazzle you should expect from the premiere of RedShift Dance’s “It’s not like we can’t dress her up in fishnets and tell her what to do,” a satirical JonBenét-meets-Heathers dance-theater piece about pushy stage mothers and the pressures of early stardom. The program, co-directed by longtime friends and collaborators Kelly Hayes and Katy Orthwein, also features the premiere of Dissolving Anchor, a multimedia piece—composed by Cynthia Hopkins and filmmaker Janusz Jaworski—about the struggles of attachment and letting go, and Wonder (a brand new dance), a bubble-filled piece about the joys of dishwashing, set to David Bowie’s naughty “Little Wonder.”

Sat., June 28, 8 p.m., 2008