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Best Bar that Looks Like a Bordello


Toulouse-Lautrec would have had a field day at Ciel Rouge. Its all-crimson interior is a perfect setting for his absinthe-hued whores and cancan girls. Although the lounge is actually populated with sharply dressed Manhattanites, it still retains that old-world ambience with enough brocade to dress the entire cast of Amadeus. The bar boasts a full menu of pricey ($7) yet yummy cocktails. Try their mojito, which the bartender liberally doses with mint, or their sinful Bitches Brew, a heady concoction of Kahlúa, tequila, and peach and pineapple juice. Come Monday and Tuesday nights and you can enjoy free live jazz (9 to midnight) while you sip your cocktail. There is also a garden out back for the summer months.