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Best drink with a disgusting name


Something unexpected entered New York’s drinking culture this year. From the wild imagination of the original Double Down Saloon in Sin City came a shot so disgusting-sounding that it made this watering hole’s other gag-inducing drink, the Bacon Martini, appear somewhat palatable. Yes, East Coast lushes, this is the year Double Down Saloon’s Ass Juice hit the Big Apple. Defined by as a pinkish-brownish-colored drink, ass juice definitely raises (or lowers?) the bar for Gotham mixologists. Although the ingredients of this strange brew remain a coveted secret, a bartender jokingly suggested that the murky substance is “made of lots of things and a whole lot of love.” Despite its unappetizing connotation, this slightly tangy, slightly sweet shot remains a popular, potent choice at $3 a pop. Just don’t be fooled by their three rounds for $11 special: Double Down’s humorous fuzzy-math error testifies to the distorting powers of ass juice.