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It’s a small studio in the heart of the East Village, cozy in every way—the brick and dark wood décor, the collective heat built up by 50 moving bodies. Yoga to the People (YTTP) brings back the principles that yoga started with before it became a big craze, costing on average per hour as much as a three-star meal. YTTP aims to make yoga accessible for everyone, from the inflexible to the poor. “Yoga is meant to help strengthen and stretch your arms and legs,” their web page explains, “not cost you one!” There’s a $10 suggested contribution, though no one watches the donation box as you enter. But if you can afford it, YTTP could use the cash, since they’re located in the high-rent St. Marks strand. Plus the classes are worth the price: Instructors strive not only to give you a sweaty workout, but to make you strive to connect with your flesh and forget the stresses outside. The 60-minute daily sessions are an exercise in overcoming your weaknesses, testing your limits, and appreciating the body that carries you through your daily tasks. I recommend making it your new lunch break; they have a course that starts everyday at noon.